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Ocean Views & Stoned Crabs

I decided to check out the recently reopened The Stoned Crab Restaurant in Freeport. This beach front restaurant is open everyday from 9am-11pm, and it has a whole new look, menu and owners.

The restaurant is indoors, but has a beautiful open-air view of the ocean, which I enjoyed. The ocean breeze was just right, and the day proved to be stunning.

Brunch always seems incomplete without a cocktail (or mocktail if that's your jazz.) Thankfully, the Stoned Crab had a pretty large cocktail menu. I wished my drink was a bit sweeter and had a bit more punch, but it was still really good.

The overall menu was a bit limited, and didn't feature a wide variety of seafood or the usually beach restaurant fare, but what they did have was good. I tried the Shrimp & Grits. The tomato based sauce was spicy, (I love spice, so this was a plus. But, I could see if being a bit TOO hot for some) the egg was fried hard per my request, and the grits was very creamy - a great combo in my eyes.

They have salads, if that's your brunch jazz. My sister said it was good, but I was not in a healthy kind of mood. #AtLeastImHonest

We decided to cap off our meal with dessert. This one was a apple crumble with housemade berry ice-cream. It was really good. The icecream could have been a bit creamier, but I still enjoyed it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Stoned Crab. The decor was beautiful, the service was great, and the view was stunning. I will definitely be back.

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