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Rainbow Pancakes <3

When expectations and reality meet.....

While in Harajuku during a quiet weekday, I cam across Rainbow Pancake. They seemed to be really popular on the gram, and there was no line, so I figured - why not?

Many times the popular IG spots don't live up to the hype, but this place did!

The restaurant is small and one of the few 'cash only' places that I saw on my trip. But I felt very welcome. I decided to try the sweet potato pancakes, and I was very impressed. The pancakes were very light and fluffy. The roasted sweet potato was a great touch. And, the whole dish had a really nice balance of sweet and savory that I loved.

A complimentary beverage also comes with your meal and you can upgrade to a latte for a little bit more.

I really liked this place, but I hear it can get VERY CROWDED on the weekends due to its small size. If you're in Harajuku this is one IG spot that lives up to the hype.

Also, try to visit during non-peak hours. When I was leaving, a long line had developed outside.

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