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Tea Time at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo!

A girl loves her tea! And, I was very excited to try the Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo.

English tea time has become a big thing in Japan, and many high end hotels and cafes offer an afternoon tea menu, complete with traditional scones, clotted cream, jams, savory bites and sweets, all with a Japanese influence.

When I visited, it was strawberry season, so most tea menus featured a number of dishes infused with the fruit, including this delicious Royal Milk Strawberry Tea.

It was very light, slightly creamy, and delicious. And, like most teas served in Japan, unsweetened.

S/N: It took some time, but I mostly drink all of my teas without any sweetener. I genuinely enjoy the taste of tea, and usually don't need anything to enhance it, save for an occasional honey or syrup in my iced tea. Because of this, I love the tea options in Japan.

After making a last minute reservation, the day started off a bit rainy. But, the Mandarin Oriental is thankfully accessible directly from the Mitsukoshimae subway station. Upon entry, I was greeted with warm hospitality and seated in a lovely tea room. It didn't take long for my tea service to begin, and they also asked if I had any dietary restrictions and did their best to accommodate me. Im a pescatarian and I usually just eat around things that I do not or cannot eat, so I really appreciated this touch.

The menu was, of course, infused with strawberry and with a touch of valentines vibes. The savory dishes were amazing, and I loved the smoked salmon tart and the soup, but the sweets were the starts of the show.

The desserts were all miniature works of sweet art. But, the 'cheesecake' was perhaps my favorite component of the afternoon tea tower. It packed lots of flavor in a small bite. Im not sure if it was passion fruit or yuzu, but it was delicious.

No afternoon tea would be complete without jams, clotted cream, and scones. The scones served during the tea service were lemon and cheese flavored, respectively, and both were flaky, moist, and delightful.

I was offered the option to try another tea variety, and I tried a green, seasonal tea. It was very flavorful, fruity and slightly floral...a truly lovely end to a beautiful afternoon.

If you don't want to do a full afternoon tea, you can also check out the Mandarin Oriental Cafe on the ground floor of the hotel. Their desserts are super adorable and delicious!

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