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Goombay House – Fun, Welcoming & Delicious

Today, I got to try the all-new Bahamian Cooking Class – Goombay House.

Goombay House, located on Bay Street, just past the US visa office, was quint and welcoming. I attended the Sunday ‘Issa Brunch’ session, and was welcomed with mimosas – already a good start. After a bit of fun conversation, the chef led class started.

The group of about 10 people got walked through some basic, but delicious, dishes. Our class featured classic omelets and down-home Stew Fish & Grits. Although these dishes were simple and familiar, Chef Johnson gave some great tips that I found very helpful. Example – for super creamy and lump free grits, stir it the entire time, and for the perfect, flavorful roux, brown the flour first, without any oil.

Between each course, all of the participants were lead to communal tables to eat, chat and get to know each other. This proved to be a great touch and it really bonded the group.

I had a great time, got to meet so many amazing people - some new and some I've met and got to know a bit better. The Goombay House team was also very nice, helpful and accommodating and the food turned out amazing.

This is one Nassau activity I cannot wait to try again. For more info on their other classes visit

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