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Regatta Food Hall…Amazing!

Buffets are a strange animal. They can be a magical place filled with little bites of deliciousness – like the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace – or just a slow, miserable dredge into gluttony. Thankfully, the Regatta Food Hall at the Baha Mar Resort falls into the first category.

The restaurant boasts a diverse selection, ranging from West Indian to traditional Bahamian cuisine, comfort foods to salads, and fresh seafood to a varying array of expertly prepared desserts.

In the space of two weeks, I managed to visit the resort’s newest restaurant several times. Once to celebrate my birthday with friends, a second time because the food sounded so delicious that a visiting friend wanted to try it, and the third time was for the restaurants’ Grand Opening. And, each visit was consistently impressive.

Sure, there was a bit of flexing during the Grand Opening – they threw some fresh, tender, perfectly seasoned lobster on the grill. But, there was also huge chunks of freshly caught Bahamian lobster in the seafood pot pie during all of my visits, so this was not only a show and dance for the cameras.

The only downside of the Regatta Food Hall was visiting while attempting to stick to a diet – I failed. During my several visits, I enjoyed fresh-shucked oysters, a rich and creamy seafood potpie, jumbo garlic shrimp, house-made berry, chocolate chip ice cream and one of the most delicious banana cakes that I have ever tasted…..just to name a few.

The service during all of my visits was great. The hostesses were lovely and graciously took a photo of my friends and I on my birthday, and our server even surprised me with a special dessert. The entire Regatta team was attentive and friendly, and the restaurant felt open and relaxed.

Nearly all of the dishes that I tried felt special and delicious. And, I appreciated the jasmine iced tea that was included in the meal. (I’m a sucker for good iced tea.)

I would definitely recommend Regatta Buffet. They are located just down the escalators near the Starbucks at the Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar.

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