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Japan Snippet: Getting Around Osaka!

Here's another quick Japan tidbit that will hopefully be helpful if you are planning a trip!

Getting around Japan may sound scary, but the subway systems in the major cities are very efficient, easy to navigate, color coded, and english-speaker friendly. Most of the larger subway stations in Japan also have persons there to assist with ticket purchases, and many of the ticket agents are able to speak some english.

I would suggest grabbing a simplified map and keep it with you. You can purchase a day pass (¥600 on Weekends and on Holidays and ¥800 Weekdays) or individual tickets at the ticket kiosks near your gate.

If you choose not to the get a day pass you will need to look at the boards atop the kiosks to find your desired destination and its corresponding cost. If you choose the wrong amount, once you get to the exit gates at your desired destination, you will have to pay the difference to the gate agent.

The lines are color coded so they are easy to follow. Some of the JR lines take a bit of time to get used to, but chances are you wont be using these as often and many of the signs in the subway stations have english translations. If you find yourself in an older train without a monitor that shows upcoming stations or you cant hear the station announcement - just count down the number of stops. I would recommend avoiding the morning rush hour (before 9am) and be prepared for busy trains and stations after 3pm.

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