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16 Ways To Travel For Less

16 Ways To Travel For Less

Travel can be expensive, but here are some tips to help you travel for less.

1. Travel during off-season

If you already have a location in mind, research when the peak season months are, and travel outside of that period. Many times, during the off-season, hotels and flights are MUCH cheaper, and you get the added benefit of that location being less crowded. But, always do a quick search about what off-season means for each location. In some smaller countries, some attractions and restaurants can be closed.


2. Search on multiple booking sites

Many of us have a favorite booking site, but pricing can vary greatly from one site to the next. Always visit multiple sites to get the best value possible. The difference in sites may not always be price wise - some sites can offer perks such as complimentary breakfast, free shuttles etc.

3. Book airfare and hotel separately

Booking your airfare and hotel together may seem like a cheaper option, but sometimes you can get better deals by booking separately. Check airline and hotel websites to see what their direct booking rates are like.

4. Have an open schedule

When booking a trip, try out different date combinations. Even booking on a Tuesday versus the weekend can yield big savings.

Havana, Cuba

5. Be open about your destination

If you are open about your destination, many times you can find amazing deals. I have found many unexpected deals online, by simply searching random destinations.

6. Visit multiple cities/countries at once

Get the greatest bang for your travel buck by tacking on multiple destinations to one trip. Be it by train, bus or flight, you can many times use local transportation to visit multiple areas at once. Also, using the ‘multi-city’ option on flight and booking sites can yield a range of unexpected savings.

7. Take advantage of long layovers

Even long layovers can allow you to see multiple locations during one trip. Sometimes, flights can include layovers as long as 14 hours, and can afford you just enough time to explore a new city or country.

8. Decide what your comfort priorities are

When traveling, decide what your comfort priorities are. Once you know what types of amenities you need and want, you can figure our where you can cut costs. To save money, you can consider budget airlines, AirBnB accommodations, or using buses on your trip versus trains or taxis.


9. Look for sales

This may seem like a given, but be on the lookout for travel sales on hotels, airlines, or booking sites. Even point rewards bonuses can go a long way.

10. Book with points

Again, this is a given. Travel rewards and points can go a long way. When booking a trip, consider using your stockpile of points for an amazing trip.

11. Pre-book and use coupons

Sometimes you can find amazing deals on tours, transportation and meals if you do a bit of research or book ahead of time.

12. Be aware of hidden hotel & airline fees

Sometimes, a deal is not a deal. Resort fees and checked baggage costs can add up quickly and can easily add as much as $30 per night to a room charge, or $25 each way for a single bag.

13. Choose hotels with free shuttles or meals

As a follow up to #2, hotel perks can save you a great deal on your travels. Complimentary breakfasts and shuttles can allow you to have more wiggle room in your budget. Also, do your research. Amenities like Internet, gym, and pool access are not always included, so be attentive when choosing accommodations, especially if these luxuries are important to you.

Las Vegas

14. Eat locally

Eat where residents eat and you WILL save big bucks. Tourist areas hike up prices, and often the quality of food isn’t usually as good.

15. Research free walking tours and attractions

Tourist attraction fees can add up quickly. And, tours can be expensive. Look up things in an area that are free to save a bit of cash.

16. Purchase All-Day Travel Passes

All day travel passes usually give you more bang for your buck, especially if you will be traveling a great deal in a single day. Also enquire about special weekend rates.

Also, as a bonus, to ensure you don’t get any unexpected bills when you return home, always disable your phone’s data. Roaming data changes are expensive. There is no way to get around it. When travelling, I recommend disabling your data completely, and only using Wi-Fi. Even if you only turn on your phone’s data for a minute, a flood of pending incoming messages and updates can drive your data bill sky-high.

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