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Shima ~ Light, Fresh & Crisp Asian Fusion

Corn Fritters

Light, Fresh & Crisp Asian Fusion ~ Shima, Island House, New Providence

Check out our new review features! We love sharing our photos with our fellow Wanderlusters, but now it’s time that we gave you the full rundown on the many restaurants we come across along the way. To be fair, we like to visit restaurants a few times to get an accurate depiction of their food and service, unless we are travelling and can only give our first impressions.

Yesterday, we told you about the amazing Flying Fish, but today we give you a full review about Shima Restaurant.

Tuna Ceviche

First Impression – Ok food and not welcoming

I tried Shima when it first opened. I am usually very forgiving when I try a brand new restaurant because I understand that they are still going through growing pains and finding their footing. That being said, I was immediately taken by the décor of the place. On my first visit I ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai and a Banana Eggroll of some sort, for dessert. Both were forgettable, and bland. However, the corn fritters were an immediate favorite of mine, and boasted a light, yet crispy buttery corn fritter, that was served with a sweet chutney, iceburg lettuce cups, fresh mint and ginger.

The fritters were great, but the service left something to be desired (my friends and I did not feel welcome) during my first visit. The quality of the food also didn’t match the pricy bill.

I will admit, I was not impressed with Shima during my first visit, and didn’t go back for some time. I recently gave it another go, and was pleasantly surprised.

Second Go – Amazing cuisine and friendly service

After attending a wine tasting at Mahogany House, and falling in love with a light, crisp and sweet Riesling, a group of friends and I decided to give Shima another chance. This time, we were welcomed warmly and received attentive service. We also greatly enjoyed the revamped menu that included a diverse mix of Asian fusion cuisine that included curries, salads, fried rice, pad thai, sushi, and the corn fritters that I enjoyed on my first trip.


I was thankfully with a pair of ladies who enjoy food as much as I do, and we tried what seemed like everything. From ceviche, to their papaya salad, to a Thai mojito (on the sweeter side, just like I like it) we went on a flavor journey.

Salmon & Watermelon Salad

My second trip made me completely forget my rather unfortunate first visit, by offering courteous, professional, kind and timely service, fresh and flavorful food, and an overall great experience.

Assorted Desserts

I have been back to Shima a number of times since, and the quality and service quality has remained consistent.

Assorted Mochi Icecream

Some of my recommended menu items include the corn fritters, tuna ceviche, roti, and the chocolate molten cake.

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