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Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Highlights

Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2016 Video & Photos!

The PinkSands242 page has been filled with all things Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival (BJC) for the past few days, but please forgive me…. I have been enjoying the ride! After all of the hype and ruckus for the past few months, it has now come and gone. All we have left is the memory of amazing performances and an unforgettable Road Fever…..and boy, those memories are sweet! Never mind the logistics of the event, or my opinion on this or that. Let’s get to the jokes.

We Want DMac!

At one point, there was a mild glitch in the sound system, and DMac’s set was disrupted for a few minutes. The crowd very vocally let the sound engineers know that they were “not on his run” and started chanting, “We want Dmac!” Despite the glitch, I think that moment was rather sweet in an odd sort of way, and I’m sure he felt the love.

Julien Believe performed Shabba Mudda Pot

Nuff said.

Wyclef Won’t Get Off The Stage – And The Crowd Loved It!

To say that Wyclef Jean gave a unique performance at BJC is an understatement. He came out in a Junkanoo costume, played his guitar with his tongue, jumped into the crowd, climbed up the side of the stage, and brought out Junkanoo performers. A great deal of this is after he was apparently told to wrap it up about three times by Carnival coordinators. The man said he came to the Bahamas to earn his money and would not leave the stage until morning! At one point his DJ even started playing the songs of other performers and Wyclef just loved himself a bit on stage. It was clear that Wyclef was messing with the BJC organizers a bit, and the crowd loved it.

Destra Races The Kids off Stage

There were two male fans that bypassed security and got on stage during Destra’s set. She then allowed them to whine for her amusement, and then shooed them away for a more mature male fan…..with “a little belly.” She said that she could handle him, but the young boys are too wild!

The Police Shut The Party Down….When It Was Already Over

Kerwin DuBois was the last performer during Thursday night’s concert. He was just about finished his set, and was clearly wrapping up, when the police came on stage to shut the party down…..maybe they just wanted a photo……..

I have lots more stories, but I will save them for another day and time. I will also post a video of all of the highlights soon, but for now, check out some of the BJC photos, above.

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