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An African City.....Home Sweet Home?

An African City - Episode 1

A friend of mine introduced me to the web-series, An African City, so I decided to give it a try. (Thanks Cara!) I looked up episode one and….I HATED it! At first, I didn’t connect to the ladies or their stories, and got the vibe that they saw themselves as above their African heritage. However, I decided to watch another episode…and then another….and then another. Before I knew it, I had watched the entire first season and was rather hurt that the second season was but a mere teaser on their Youtube page.

An African City is about a group of women who are the children of Ghanaian parents. They have lived in the US and Europe for the majority of their lives, but have decided to return ‘home’ to embrace their culture and heritage.

There are aspects of the show that hit on some bitter truths. After college, I happily returned home, but some of my college mates, from the Bahamas, chose to stay. To my surprise, I got rather annoyed when they would make negative comments about the country. They are entitled to their opinions, and things are not perfect in my beautiful Bahamaland, but I still got vexed when someone deemed their new residence superior to our home.

An African City does evolve to tell a more complex and compelling story about the characters’ lives. Living abroad made me miss home so much, but I could always appreciate the things that made the United States great. In all of my travels, there is always something new, and beautiful about every country– but that does not negate the beauty of any other location or experience.

Give African City a try. Sadly, the second season is available online, but you have to pay for it.

Happy viewing!

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