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The Culture of Hair

At PinkSands242, we focus on travel, food, entertainment, music and CULTURE.

It is no secret that we adore the Bahamas as well as its rich and diverse history and culture. Last night, the owner of ‪HappyHair‬ and the‪ ‎Azulify‬ Marketing Co. held a photo shoot session in support of a number of amazing young women who have been fighting to maintain their individuality and wear their natural hair. PinkSands242 had an amazing time interacting with so many talented, professional, and supportive women. This is just a sneak peak of the shoot, but be on the lookout for the photos from the shoot, coming soon. ‪#‎supportthepuff‬ ‪#‎supporteachother‬‪#‎bahamarock‬ ‪#‎naturalisprofessional‬

Peace. Love. Wanderlust.


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