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New Music: Bajan Princess Riri, Grey Worm, Santigold, Machal & More!

2016 has been churning out new music left and right. Be it soca’s newest batch of massive Carnival tunes, Beyonce’s secret ode to India, or new Junkanoo magic from the Bahamas’s best and brightest, music lovers are sure to be in all their glee.

This latest batch of new music comes from Barbados’ Bad Girl Riri, the UK’s Raleigh Ritchie (better known as Game of Throne’s Grey Worm), Machal Montano, Santigold, K. Michelle, Fantasia, and Brandy.

The only thing that this eclectic bunch may have in common is that they all have solid new releases.

She Sound Solid!- Rihanna Drops The Highlight Anticipated ‘Anti.’

Rihanna began releasing singles, for what many assumed would be her new album, way back in January 2015. FourFiveSeconds was a departure from Rihanna’s usually sound, as was her follow up single ‘American Oxygen.’ Fans didn’t seem to connect with either single, which were arguably only moderately successfully, but ‘***** Better Have My Money” seemed to bring Rihanna back to her signature sound. However, as the ‘Anti’ delays mounted, loyal fans began to wonder where the album was and when would it FINALLY come out.

“Work” featuring previous collaborator, Drake, dropped last week, and Rihanna finally gave fans what they had been waiting for (sans all three previous singles that didn’t manage to make the final album cut, nor its deluxe edition.)

As a whole, the album has a nice blend of songs, and would work well for a continuous listening session.

Top Picks

Rihanna’s latest collaboration, with Mr. Aubrey “Drake” Graham, is familiar, radio friendly and is a nice blend of what both artists do best. ‘Work’ was the clear lead single, and the Caribbean vibe harkens back to Rihanna’s ‘Pon De Replay’ days.

Parts of Love On The Brain’ (not the entire song) is reminiscent of Alicia Keys’ music, which is refreshing and surprising. The song has a very soulful old school vibe to it, and is one of the album’s best songs. Some fans have compared the ‘Love On The Brain’ to Beyonce’s ‘Superpower’, as both songs have very similar instrumentals but different producers. You be the judge….

The Mitus produced ‘Goodnight Gotham’ is very reminiscent of Kanye West’s in his prime, and was previously released under the name “Only If For a Night” for a Dior advertisement starring the singer. The instrumental piece isn’t for everyone, but it is a nice edition to the album.

“Needed Me” is not a top pick, but it is ‘single worthy’ given the song’s subject matter and familiar sound. There are undoubtedly quite a few women (and men) who would relate to their exes, in fact, needing them.

Overall, ‘Anti’ is solid, and worth a listen.

Game of Throne’s Raleigh ‘Grey Worm’ Ritchie Releases New Music Video

Most avid Game of Thrones viewers know Raleigh Ritchie best as Grey Worm, the stoic leader of the Unsullied army. (The show returns on April 16th!) But, a lesser-known fact about the UK actor, real name Jacob Anderson, is that he is a talented musician. For those not familiar with his work, Bloodsport, Stronger Than Ever, and The Greatest are a great place to start to get an idea of Ritchie’s music.

His newest release, Never Bitter, has Ritchie bringing his usual mix of rapping and singing, and the video is shot from his usual quirky perspective.

Check out “Never Bitter” below.

Machal Montano Closes Out January With Even MORE New Music

Machal has been turning out song after song. ‘Better Than Them’ is his newest release and is a nice chill song fuses elements of Reggaeton with Machal’s soca roots.

Santigold…..Girl, Where Have You Been?

Santigold and her electro pop style have been missing from the music scene for what seems like forever, with the singer seemingly going quiet after her hits L.E.S Artistes and You’ll Find A Way. The singer has been putting out music, as evident by her Youtube page, and her newest single Chasing Shadows merges Santigold’s signature sound with an instrumentals that is very reminiscent of Annie’s “Hard Knock Life.”

I can dig it.

Brandy’s Releases Blues Inspired ‘Beggin & Pleadin’

Brandy is back! Her new song ‘Beggin’ & Pleadin’ was released in early January but it is worth the mention and a listen.

K. Michelle Releases Some R&B Gold with “Not A Little Bit”

K. Michelle may be a polarizing character due to her reality TV undertakings, but it cannot be denied that she is talented. Check out the classic R&B sound of “Not A Little Bit.” The song is beautiful and would definitely appeal to R&B fans.

Fantasia Has New Music

Fantasia is back with ‘No Time For It’, which was released in early January. The American Idol alum, who once played Sealy in the Color Purple musical, has released a pleasant R&B song. It sticks to Fantasia’s familiar roots and is a nice addition to any R&B lovers music collection.


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