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Soca Does Give Me, Me Powers – Soca Season Is Here!

PinkSands242 has been in heaven with all of the new music coming out this month. But, let us not forget that the Soca season is nearly upon us. Admittedly, this year’s crop of new music didn’t contain as many instant hits as last year, but the music is quickly growing on me, and has taken over every single car ride and workout playlist, in my life. True, there doesn’t appear to be a Lucy, Like A Boss, Phenomenal etc. in the bunch, but the songs have been giving me, me powers, nonetheless.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites, thus far, to help you get into the spirit of good vibes and fun times.

Home Grown Talent

The Music Masters finalists haven’t been released as yet, but expect this list to expand given the success of last year’s competition.

I Come To Party - Rik Carey & Dyson Knight

First up is some home grown talent. When Rick Carey and Dyson Knight get together, on their own terms, they seem to make magic happen. In addition to Rik Carey producing Visage’s hit “Happy Hour” and Dyson’s solo “Rake & Scrape & Rum”, these two music veterans are also members of Bahamen. While Bahamen’s most recent release may not have gained as much momentum as the group would have liked, Carey and Knight’s newest song, “I Come To Party” is infectious and the Junkanoo undertones create a party vibe that hits you deep down in ya belly.

Who in the morning?!......

Party Ambassadors – Julien Believe

Fresh off of the success of “Live and Wine” and his Miss World performance, Julien Believe is back with “Party Ambassadors”, which also features dancehall legend, Beenie Man, and soca sensation Fadda Fox. The song brings the rake and scrape flavor and has a nice infectious chorus.

The Soca Heavyweights

The below list includes some well-known names in Soca music. No doubt, you have heard a few on the radio, already. Instead of giving you a rundown of the songs, I’ll simply give you a line or two of the song, to let you know what to expect when you hit “play.”

Sekon Sta – Pressure

“Gimme Me Dat Wine! Gimme Dat Wine!” No other words needed.

Where I’m From – Machal Montano & Olatunji

“Where I’m from, run can’t done.”

In We Blood – Machal Montano

This song is high energy and just makes you want to jump. “It’s in we blood!”

Ricardo Drue – Professional

“All day we drinking, and we don’t need no chaser.” Yesssssss.

GBM Nutron – Scene

All the business out on di road. Alllll the business.

Need It – Machal Montano

I think there is little debate that Machal is the king of Soca. “Need It” is a nice, chill song that puts you in the zone.

Like So – Angela Hunte & Machal Montano

The magic of “Party Dun” is back, and Angela just wants a man who can handle this…..

Chuck Gordon – No Time

No time to think….just bring that bumper

Erpaan Alvesd – Intentions

“Come take a wine and a touch.” Pretty self-explanatory I think.

Unforgetable - Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Robert

I originally mistook Kerwin's vocals for Jah Cure, and that is not a bad thing at all. This is a hit!

And, if you are looking for a solid Soca mix, check out the one below. It is my favorite, this far.


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