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That's Ms. Reporter To You

That's Ms. Reporter To You ~ Meet Style Blogger Ianthia Smith

The beautiful, talented and styled from head to toe, Ianthia Smith, takes over PinkSands242 and tells us what it’s like to be a high flying host, reporter, and blogger.

Ps. She fancy. :)

I'm a Bahamian Blogger and I Blog Because…

I’ve been writing for years, professionally and for personal pleasure. I’ve always been a social media junkie and loved interacting with people through my keyboard and computer screen. I found that my social media sites were quickly turning into my own personal diaries; where I meshed my two loves (fashion and writing) and shared just about everything about them with my friends and followers. From posting about my days as a reporter covering murder scenes an politicians, to posts about shopping or just showing off the weekend’s outfit, I loved connecting with people who had similar interests and the fact that we could share likes and comments. When you could go back through your Facebook statuses and could tell exactly how you felt and what you mood you were in on any specific day, or you could use those posts and photos from years back to almost write a book…I should’ve known from then that I was meant to be a blogger!

Photos, posts, statuses and topics galore! I decided it was time to streamline all of this info and put it in one place that was unique to me. I started an amateur blog around 2012 and came up with a name for it that truly represents me; Miniskirts and Microphones. Here’s where I would collide my two worlds and talk about all things fashion, clothes, shoes, girly stuff and sparkles and also let my readers into my life as a journalist interviewing politicians, celebrities and being a woman in the professional world. In 2014 my website got a major facelift and has been doing amazing! The name carried over and in addition to blogging for the fashionistas and reporters, I now write a lot more about relationships, lifestyle, and my newfound passion, travel! I love to see that my blog is growing as I am!

More about the blogger behind MiniSkirts and Microphones

My favorite blog post has been...

I have so many! But I would say to date, would be all my travel posts! The trips to Barcelona, Puerto Rico and Macau made for my favorite things to write about.

My dream person to interview would be...

OPRAH! I just want to know the secret to having the best career in media ever! And Wendy Williams, with both our personalities, that would be the funniest thing ever! And Beyonce!

My dream place to visit would be...

Anywhere! I won’t even lie, I’d take a ticket and a 12+ hour trip to anywhere!

Bloggers I follow now are...

Of course PinkSands242, I love XONecole (formerly Necole Bitchie), a million travel blogs like Travel is the new club and Hardly Home, which I am actually a contributing writer for, and I wont lie I love a good dose of ratchet so I sometimes peek at Media Takeout and Bossip! Don’t judge me!

I'm happiest when my readers...

Literally comment on the website, as opposed to reading the article on the website and going back to Facebook to comment…yea. But a comment is a comment and I love reading, “Great post, thanks for sharing!”


Nassau, Bahamas! I’m seriously considering changing my area code though!

Last Song You Listened To?

“Love in competition” by Sevyn Streeter – she’s so dope!

Ideal weekend?

A bikini, a yacht, mimosas, my phone, wifi and a camera!

One thing you can’t live without?

My family as well…and my cell phone…with free wifi! And my TV, I love watching my shows!

Gully Wash or Sky Juice?

NONE! I know I sound less than Bahamian saying this but, the milky, creamy, coconutty mixture is not my favorite!

Be sure to check out Ianthia's website, and follow her on social.

IG: iamianthia




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