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Looking For A Good Foreign Film To Get Into?

Looking For A Good Foreign Film To Get Into?

Most films that I see are foreign films- be it from the United States, UK, France or any other country around the world. Most people don’t view Hollywood as “foreign” but, if you’re not from the United States, it is.

Living in the Bahamas, there is a lively theatre scene, and many young and emerging Bahamian filmmakers have been making their artistic mark on the world. Kareem Mortimer’s critically acclaimed Children of God was an inspiration for many budding filmmakers, but the Bahamian film scene is still growing and evolving.

With that being said, when I refer to “foreign films” I am not referring to those Hollywood blockbusters – I am referring to films from other countries that you might not heard of.

Here are just a few films that will put the chill, back in you Netflix viewing sessions.

Zero Motivation

2014 ~ Israel ~ Subtitles

Rated R for nudity, profanity, and subject matter.

Zero Motivation is a quirky dark comedy about a group of young women enlisted in the Israeli army. However, there is no fighting – at least not of the war variety. It is an entertaining ride to watch this group of female, slacker, soldiers deal with the monotony of their lives in unique ways.

Zombies vs Cockneys

2013 ~ Britain

A duo of likable, bumbling, and bank robbing brothers make their way through the zombie apocalypse to rescue their veteran grandfather from his retirement home. This is the full plot, but the group’s adventure is a fun one, and the movie has it’s fair share of laughs.

Assassin Classroom

2015 ~ Japan ~ Subtitles

Assassin Classroom is a weird movie that involves a smiley-faced monster who has decided to destroy the planet. The government’s solution – make a deal with him to tear a group of young students who will be tasked with trying to kill him. This movie is random, and quirky beyond words, but it’s a fun ride. If you’re looking for a silly film, that involves attempted the assassinate a yellow rubber creature, this is the film for you.

The White Haired Witch of the Luna Kingdom

2014 ~ China ~ Subtitles

This film is a Chinese martial arts film about a young woman who falls in love with a young soldier, as she tries to protect her home. The film’s plot is all over the place, and makes no sense, but it is beautiful and enjoyable to watch. Check out the preview, and you will know exactly what you will be getting into.

Battle Royale

2000 ~ Japan ~ Subtitles

Rated R for violence.

In a Japan where young people are a bunch of little rude brats, the government implemented the Battle Royale contest to scare some sense into the little degenerates……or something like that. Battle Royale is based off a novel of the same name, where students get dropped on an island and only the last survivor will be allowed to leave (like the Hunger Games.) Be warned – this movie involves junior high students killing each other, but the decisions of the students are so unbelievable and their reactions so over the top, the violence is hard to take seriously. Fans of the novel or graphic novels may not like the movie, since it is not nearly as graphic, but it is a good movie.

You Probably Know But They Are Worth Mentioning

The movies, below, received wide releases, but they are still worth mentioning, as they are some of my favorite movies. I’ll just leave their previews right on her, for you to check out.


Attack The Block

Pan’s Labyrinth

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