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A Bucket List Is Anything But Morbid

A Bucket List Is Anything But Morbid

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a lovely gentleman, and the topic of travel came up. I cannot remember the exact details of the conversation, but at some point I listed off a few of the locations on my “bucket list.” He had never heard the phrase before, and said it was “weird” and “morbid.” I wasn’t insulted by his comments, and happily went off to look up some of his travel suggestions.

For me, a Bucket List is anything but morbid. It is a list of amazing and wonderful things that you would like to do across the span of your lifetime. It is a wish list instead of an immediate plan, and when I start to lose focus on where I’m headed, or start to get down, I go to my list and pick a new goal.

Life is short. It is a gift, and we must enjoy every moment of it. My list is filled with what I consider to be the ultimate adventures that I would like to spend my gift, experiencing.

So far, I have experienced things that I can only dream about, and I can look back in awe. They great part about my list is that it never gets smaller – it only grows. When you complete one thing that you never considered possible, you start to get more optimistic and realize that anything can happen if you work hard enough and stay positive and optimistic.

What are some of the things on your list that you have accomplished that you never in a million years thought could happen? And where would you like to head next?

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