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Cruise Ports Are Not A Reflection of a Country

Cruise Ports Are Not A Reflection of a Country

I am a Bahamian – a proud one. The Bahamas is my home, and each time I travel from one island to the next, I discover another hidden gem. My country is vibrant, and full of unique, lively, colorful, entertaining, and lovely people.

That being said, I will admit that I am completely biased when it comes to my admiration for this beautiful country. I also do not think there is anyone who can look upon the powder-fine pink sands of Eleuthera, the unique and breathtaking beauty of Exuma, the views from Mount Alvernia in Cat Island, the crystal clear waters of Abaco, the vibrant pink Flamingoes of Inagua, or any of the other natural treasures of the many islands and cays around our waters, and not think that this is a wonder-filled country.

Without even adding in Junkanoo, the delicious food and drinks, or rake and scrape, we have something truly special in these waters. What is slightly confusing, to me, is that many visitors come and kindly visit our home, without understanding what we truly have to offer. They miss out on an amazing experience because they never leave the confines of the cruise ship ports.

I do not hesitate to say, that if you simply wander around the Bahamas’ cruise ship ports, or any country’s port of entry, for that matter, you have not truly experienced the culture.

I have been on a number of cruises, most recently to Mexico and Key West. Cruises, to me, are a quick, easy, and many times, affordable, little getaway. They are perfect for family reunions or group trips because the whole trip is practically already planned, and there is something for everyone. Cruise ships do have their downsides, and it is usually the port. The food is usually decent to good, but not stellar, and ports are usually dedicated to selling souvenirs.

I go on cruises to have a little getaway and relax a bit without having much to worry about. Mexico is an amazing country with a rich and diverse culture. It’s port in Cozumel – not so much. My friend and I ended up having a lively good time at Senor Frogs. The same can be said about Key West – crowds, pushy vendors and mediocre tourist traps. This is the norm. I accept it. No big deal.

Cruises aren’t bad. There simply just needs to be realistic expectations of the ports. To see more of the country, in a short period of time, research tours, and check out the trip advisor reviews. Or, go exploring……Just be weary of judging an entire country on one little port.

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