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Love In Paradise

Love In Paradise....


I got the chance to see a friend say I do to the man of her dreams, during a wedding in Bahamian Paradise.

I met Erin while working on the Starmaker 5 Reality Show. She has bubbly, friendly, full of energy, had a big, wide smile on her face, and her effervescent spirit was contagious. I liked her personality, and I adored her energy.


We both spent a few weekends sequestered in the Starmaker house as house mothers, and I eventually got to learn a bit more about what was behind the smile. Erin’s story is one of tragedy and survival, but all of that is overshadowed by her love of life and her endless optimism. Erin is a cancer survivor, and currently has a prosthetic leg - I didn’t even notice this until the second time we met, which a testament to how determined she is to not let any of life’s curveballs slow her down.


I also got to learn about her wonderful son, and the man who she would end up marrying. When she spoke about them, her eyes would light up, and you can’t help but grin from ear to ear.

One day, Erin in her usual exuberance, told me about the Wedding in Paradise competition. She was excited, and I became excited right along with her! The original deadline had passed, but as luck would have it, the deadline had been extended - it was like it was meant to be.

A long, but wonderful, story cut short, Erin and her fiancé, Tametryo, won.


I had no idea the competition would be so big and amazing! Every week she would share with her family and friends the new surprises that we could all vote on, and the additional blessings that had been gifted to them both. God is good, and I cannot think of a better person to have had the chance to live this dream come true.

And I was even happier to have the chance to share it with them, as a guest to the wedding.

There was some minor hiccups, as nature can’t be tamed, but Erin’s face never faltered once throughout the day.


The flowers, lush arrangements in pinks and oranges, were beautiful. The sun was just rising behind the Reef towers at Atlantis, and the sky was a mix of blues, and pinks and gold. The bridesmaids were gorgeous, in their flowing goddess style dresses. The groomsmen were dapper, and as the groom waited in nervous anticipation, he could barely contain his excitement when Erin walked out looking radiant in her wedding gown.

The wedding was beautiful, and all of the persons who came together to support the event did a fantastic job. The decor, the food, the attire, the singers, the programs, the wedding favors..... the sunrise, the rainbow...everything was on exquisite.

Congratulations Erin and Tametryo. You have restored my faith in fairytales.


I hope that this wonderful competition continues, and generous businesses continue to bless survivors with the weddings of their dreams.

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