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She Inside....The Inside Scoop!

She Inside....The Inside Scoop!

You've seen the many links....and now you're thinking about ordering from the China based retailer, but not sure if it's a safe bet? Check out my review of the ordering process.


I recently ordered from She Inside after a friend of mine in London recommended them. I always saw the links to the site, the clothing always looked beautiful, and I wanted some cute pieces for one of my trips, but I was skeptical. I read reviews online, and they were mixed. The only reason I gave it a try was because of my friend, who found some lovely pieces.


The prices on the site are very affordable, and the peices are cute. You would have to visit the site to see if it's your style, but they are around the same price as many similar sites - Lulu's, ASOS etc.


Shipping was free, and it said it would take 5-7 business days ....which turned out to be not true. I made the purchase on August 12, and used X-Press It as the shipping company, which has an address in the US. My items finally arrived in Florida, where Xpress-It's offices are located, on September 24. X-Press It had my items on island, in Nassau, by September 25. The definately did not come in time for the trip that I had in mind....but they will be going on my other adventures.

Customer Service

I contacted the customer service team after a month, and they responded immediately. It is obvious the person responding's first language is not English, but they tried to be helpful.....which I can appreciate. I am ordering from another country so I took the odd responses with a grain of salt.


My items took a month and a half to arrive, but the items looked exactly like they did in the photos, and the quality was, thankfully, great. I'm excited to wear them.


Some of the items run a bit small, but it wasn't so bad. Some online reviews said the Large items were cut like a small. However, in my opinion, some of the Large items that I ordered were similar to a large medium - nothing major. I'm on my CARNIVAL FITNESS KICK so I dont mind the smaller cut. :)

I hope this helps. If you have time to spare, give it a try. The stuff is cute...and affordable. If you are in a rush, stay away!

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